Singer, Songwriter and Producer


I have been writing and recording songs, playing with bands and cowriters, for the last 20 years. I now run a small recording studio in Dawson Creek, B.C, Canada, and stay busy as a recording artist.

I am inspired by anything that gives me a moment where I question my existence and what assumptions I have made about this reality.

I love capturing the vulnerability of a human sitting with the big questions about this life…unanswered…writing lyrics around that….but feeling strong…not prone to being a victim of authorities that claim they know what this world is or isn’t.

I am inspired by Gnosticism, witches and warlocks, Abraham Hicks, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, Water, Autistic souls, Mushrooms…the odd conspiracy theory……and great guitar tone…. 

In the recording studio I sing, play guitar, bass guitar, piano, program drums using Addictive Drums by XLN Audio, program various other sounds using Native Instruments and use various analog sounds such as homemade shakers, kids screams/yells, and anything else that is around home that has an intriguing sound….

I just want to make great songs/recordings that you can listen to over and over again, and trip out with……get lost in your awareness.  I love building up the songs so they feel like a journey something that feels like an exploration as you listen to it.

I am currently working with several artists throughout the world.  I am also working on my third album, to be released on vinyl with some great artwork to with the songs.