Second Soothing

Kjetil Landsgard

A self-help book set to 70's inspired Hard Rock. Fully embraced dynamics, with songs climaxing at the end, in classic pop chord progression.

During the two years it took to write the album, I became very interested in a motivational speaker by the name of Ester 'Abraham' Hicks. I learned that my thoughts create my life--that I am powered by an emotional guidance system--I am in control of how I feel. A common image I had throughout my album, was myself standing in a stream of stardust. The stream was packed with endless amounts of information. Information that I was not needing to understand, but simply feel the density of. Judgement was not my first reaction, instead I leaned towards acceptance.

I started writing songs when I was thirteen-years-old. I eventually performed/ made recordings/albums with bands, still searching and moving toward the voice I was trying to find in the lyrics.

My early writings were often described as 'vague' and 'not relatable', which left me searching for a more universal sound. During the writing and recording of my 2014 album ('First Event'), I quit rhyming and started saying what I really I wanted to say. I wanted my lyrics to help me disassociate myself from beliefs; paradigms and whatever concept of identity I had sold myself during my formative years. I am now more interested than ever in following my inspiration and impulse. I want to be led by an unconditional good feeling.

I have become a product of our times—I am fully engrossed in the world of computers and recording gear. While still leaning towards a 'band sound', by going solo, I can take any direction I want without managing outward expectations.

At this point in my life, I would like to see where my songs will go. I have crafted an insular world of creation, where I have the kind of control I have longed for. It is a relationship with myself that is loving; all accepting and all consuming. I want to ride this for a while, until I am pulled in another direction.

Stay inspired,


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